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As a community radio station, CityLIVE Radio is about supporting businesses and community services within the Teesside region. Giving you that little bit more exposure every community project deserves.

If you have an event, a local business or community service you would like to share with our listeners. Please contact us with a brief description about you and we'll be back in touch.

In our community

The world's second largest food chain, has opened its latest restaurant in Captain Cook's Square, Middlesbrough. Its the only Wendy's this far North, and we got a VIP invite to try out what they had to offer.

Check out what we had to say.

DePaul is the unsung hero of the town, looking after the town's homeless folk, offering many services to help them through the cold nights and point them in the right direction to get their lives back on track.

Manager Sarah Golding, spoke with us about their latest campaign, and how you can help.