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Launched in 2019, as a hobby station by one person who thought local radio was becoming a former shadow of it self thanks to national radio companies taking them over. That one person has constantly listened to the criticism of how local radio was failing its listeners across the country. He agreed with everything that was being said and launched CityLIVE Radio with the aim to return local radio back to its former glory. The station plays a variety of music from across the decades instead of pushing the same Top 10 tracks down the listeners throats by playing them over and over, as well as broadcasting local programming along side specialist shows for different music genres such as country, soundtracks, rock and heavy metal.
All this made possible by volunteers who have come on board to support CityLIVE Radio.

Since its launch, the station has gone from strength to strength with over 250,000 listeners tuning in and has been given to the opportunity to broadcast on DAB in its own region of Teesside and North Yorkshire with
immediate effect, but sadly we need that little extra help from our listeners to help provide you
with the type of local radio station you miss and want back.

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This station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is solely run by volunteers who love working in radio and support community radio. Since its launch the station has been self-funded and for us to succeed in our quest to provide a valued true local radio station, we are reaching out to our listeners for that little extra support to help us achieve that aim quicker.

All we ask is that you buy our team a coffee, by donating a couple of pounds to our community station. By donating, not only are you showing your true support for your community but also to local radio, a medium that is dying fast thanks to your multi-million pound national broadcasters.

We've listened to you and provided a service you wanted. For that to continue and grow stronger, all we ask is for you to support us back. Scan the QR code on the left and make a donation.

Thank you x

Our future

macro photography of silver and black studio microphone condenser
macro photography of silver and black studio microphone condenser

We have got so much more to offer community radio. Not only have we listened to you and provided great music along with great programming, but we've not stopped listening and also remember how local radio used to sound. We are in a lot (seriously a lot) of negotiations with local establishments and sporting venues to support CityLIVE Radio and bring back more local sports and live music to the airwaves. Can't say too much right now, but you will be the first to know when we can. Until then our mics are silenced.